November 27, 2006

This is the time!

Finally photos out, thanks to Loon. Last wed attended Boon's wedding. My poly friend. I think he is the first one in my friends gang to get married. This is not only a wedding dinner but really a gathering with my poly friends. Didnt get to see them since our last gathering beginning of this year. Too bad some of them are unable to turn up, bcoz of reservice, exams...Miss them.

Hong has indeed become thinner, Jie still the same, Hua zai has a gf, Loon with Xin. How envious to see them, couples and couples. Haha, no lah.

Still remember Hong and Sheng, drink until the faces so red. Then, shared a cab with AL and Sheng that night. The next day, Sheng told me the taxi fare is free coz the taxi uncle knows his relative's uncle's son blah blah funny and unbelievable..I think is God bless, don't need to pay...haha.

Saw Loon and Xin photos of holiday trip to Taiwan, wah my dreams holiday next time. Wondering when can I go...

Reflecting the past few weeks of holidays, it is a time of resting and waiting. Have think through alot of things, experienced hurts but thank God for his strength and love that I am able to overcome.

This period is also a time when I spend with my ex-colleagues (meeting them tonite for steamboat), my family, my friends. Able to build a more intimate relationship with my niece and nephew before they fly to Tokyo for holiday next dec...a time to patch up old relationships and build new ones...a time to reflect through and appreciate God's wonderful creations...

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