November 15, 2006


After reading this blog post from my senior pastor, I feel touched and an urge to share to others. Indeed, sharing about life and god's word through blogs with friends and even those you didnt see before can help to build up good relationships and good memory too.

Please see this blog:

Not of an advertising purpose :-P but just one of the blog posts that touch my heart and I believe most of the bloggers' hearts also.

Note: SP, pls allow me to use your blog post, sorry to share without your permission haha :-P


raindance said...

wah~!~! even your pastor has a blog?!?! *amazed* haa.. but i guess must really keep up with times! I can't imagine what pastors from our generation will be like in future!!

Eilleen said...

Most of the pastors are having blogs too. I think pastors all over the world and they are communicating through blogs:)