November 11, 2006

Raining, raining... least wash the dust and sand away. But, will hinder the work of the construction workers doing the drilling of the windows outside. Its already 6.25pm and some of them are still cleaning...Money really hard to earn! The cleaners really deserve a pat on their back and that's what mum do...Giving them swiss rolls and packet drinks. This reminds me to "stock up" our swiss rolls and packets drinks later.

I really pity the construction workers sometimes. I really feel an urge to do something for them sometimes...but really a chill in my spine when they stare at you once you stepped out of yr hse or take lift...But, I really no choice, have to go downstairs toilet leh.

But, good that the security guards are doing something, they are patrolling round the temp toilets and neighbourhood. One of the uncle security guards also promise to inform his boss to hire more manpower. My mum reported to him about two indian men in the male toilet very long, taking chair inside "2nd floor" neighbours also saw them. This really scare me...These few days, mum has "escorted" me to the toilet downstairs...really wants to thank her for her patience, even accompanied me down without complaints around 11 plus at night.

So, young girls, better be careful on your way home. Its better to ask someone to accompany you if you come home late...better to prevent than when things really happen...:)

I also learn something: need two solutions to solve one problem. One is to do whatever u can, as human being. 2nd is to seek God for his help and guidance. Always to pray for our leaders, no matter is our Government or our church pastors, elders, cell leaders.

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