November 13, 2006

Anntic Camp here I come!

Ocean View resort

Haha, juz went to the temp toilet downstairs. I went to the male toilet coz the other two female toilet full and I am super urgent! When I came out, the other aunty went in also, she some sort like gave me a wink. Haha.

The registeration form said ocean view. Should be this place I find from the web: (viewed on 13th Nov). Why like doing ob report? Haha.

Location: BeachAddress: Batu 9, Jalan Pantai, 71050 Port Dickson, Malaysia.

Ocean View Resort is a multi block of 7-storey apartment resort spreading on 7.5 acres of prime sea-facing land owned by individual owners. Most of the owners are Malaysians and investors from neighbouring countries, mainly Singaporeans.

It is strategically located at Telok Kemang at the 9th mile, Jalan Pantai (Coastal Road), overlooking the Straits of Malacca, and just a couple of minutes down to the beautiful sandy beach. Just 45 minutes drive from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and 3.5 hours from Singapore.

When I heard from ZM this morning, that she and M and chairman and the rest not going, I suddenly feel disappointed. Should I be like them, find a job now instead and not go to this anntic camp? But, seeing the program really make me feel excited. With speaker from OMF (Overseas Missonary Fellowship), Dr Patrick Fung, with bible studies and workshops abt Hosea, prophecy, hearing god's voice...then, registering now will be $145. (Early bird). Although only $10 cheaper, but...

I am so confuse at first and wanting to hear what God said? Didnt I pray to him yesterday that I wanting to step out of my comfort zone, and meet new friends from the different universities. Didnt I want to know more abt his word? Although, job will enable me to earn more money, but I think I will definately regret if I didnt go to this camp...11th to 16th Dec. What big deal without Chairman's, ZM's company, didnt I go to retreat alone also? But, at least, got Evelyn there, and two other ladies going...I can get to know more friends there and have fun!

I have sent the reg form to chairman and will transfer the money to him later. Let's get my fingers crossed and wait and dream about the facilities...

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